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Design and Develop HTML5 Mobile Web apps

Gizmox provides an HTML5 platform for bringing business applications to mobile and web – rapidly, securely, and using existing development resources. With IT organizations prioritizing mobility and BYOD, development teams need new tools to rapidly deliver native-quality business apps with the scalability, performance, and security required for enterprise deployment.  With over 1M downloads, Gizmox Visual WebGui is a leading development platform for Visual Studio developers building new HTML5 apps for business.  Gizmox Transposition offers IT organizations a unique approach to converting existing client-server applications to new platforms optimized for web and mobile.  Based in Cambridge, MA, Gizmox’ Fortune 500 customers include top banks, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Secured-by-design Mobile/Tablet Accessibility to Enterprise Applications

Mobile Webmail demo

Visit Gizmox:

Build - New apps or transform existing Client-Server code to Web/Cloud/Mobile
Design - Form-based concepts and Mobile Form Factor of choice
Customize - Point&Click UI Designer and jQuery integration
Run - Secured on Web, Cloud & Mobile with desktop-equivalent functionality

Visual WebGui features: 

Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2013 Integration
Full integration into Visual Studio allows developers to keep working in a familiar environment while providing the full WYSIWYG Form designer functionality from within Visual Studio.

Check out the new Knowledge Base Resource Center
Best practices, tutorials, code snippets, videos and other Visual WebGui development and design resources

Visual Drag & Drop Form Designer
Visual WebGui WYSIWYG Form designer allows developing rich web applications using proven, WinForms/VB6-like patterns from within Visual Studio. The visual designer further simplifies development by also allowing easy data-binding and layouting.
VWG WYSIWYG Form Designer

Point & Click UI designer
The unique designer offers the best web developer / designer interface to enhance productivity and complete visual experience in creating rich UIs. Learn more.

Controls Toolkit
58 out-of-the-box controls; visual and non-visual User Interface (UI) server based controls for simpler customization and extension.

Control Wrapper Wizard
Allows to incorporate any available ASP.NET component into the WebGui Form; including controls from top components vendors such as Infragistics, Telerik, DNN, and DevExpress.

Web development & UI
Online Demo Applications


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